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4 brilliant ideas for hiding your spare key


The first place unwanted guests look for a spare key to your front door is under your doormat, making that the last spot you should put yours. Instead, try one of these ideas that you’ll be surprised you never thought of first.

Sprinkler Style

No one will suspect anything is hiding here! This holder looks just like a real sprinkler head — the perfect place to store your extra key and some cash if you want. 

Stone Safe

Since most gardens are filled with random rocks, this realistic gadget will just look like every other one. 

Hornet’s Hiding Spot

There’s nothing quite as painful as a hornet’s sting, which is why people won’t even consider hunting inside this fake nest for a key into your home.

Temperature Patrol

Even though this is a sneaky holder that hides not one, but two keys inside of it, it’s also fully functioning, so you can use it to check the weather on your way out for the day. 

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