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Bathroom Storage Hacks That’ll Help You Get Ready Faster


Turn your bathroom into a true zen zone with these stylish carts, storage cabinets, and shower hacks. With these bathroom organizing ideas, you’ll know exactly where to find all of your go-to cleaning products, toiletries, and linens, ultimately saving time and easing stress. A tidier master bathroom may even inspire you to amp up your self-care routine. But before you unwind, keep your decluttering streak going with these organization tips for the rest of your home.

Storage Baskets

If your linen closet is already overflowing with sheets, then stick bath and hand towels in decorative baskets below your vanity. Or better yet, use one basket as a hamper to collect used or damp towels.

Simple Cart

This trusty Ikea cart stores towels, nail polish, makeup, and more — and best of all, it’s mobile.

Bath-Toy Bag

A laundry lingerie bag doubles as the perfect receptacle for your kids’ foam alphabet letters, rubber ducks, and mermaid dolls. Just hang the bag from a suction cup hook somewhere in the shower, so the toys can drip dry.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers simplify your morning makeup search because they prevent lipsticks, brushes, and other favorites from rolling around when you open or close the drawer.

Wicker Baskets

The jute basket that just doesn’t fit in your bathroom cabinet might have a purpose elsewhere — like on the walls. Hang two above your toilet to hold rolled up towels and discreetly hide toilet paper in a handy spot.

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