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Easy Steps to Clean Your Dishwasher


Daily: Remove bits of food.

Get in the habit of cleaning any remaining bits of foods — beans, pasta, and so on — after each dishwashing cycle. Pull out the bottom rack to look for any leftover food that may have fallen into the well and remove it with a paper towel to prevent odors and future buildup.

Weekly: Wipe away door grime.

With a damp sponge or cloth, wipe away any residue and spots that may have splashed or settled onto the interior surface of the door its door edges, handle, or dishwasher controls.

Weekly: Remove and rinse the filter.

It’s simple: If the filter isn’t clean, nothing else will be. To eliminate pesky spots on future loads, unlock and remove the filter found below the bottom spray arm and rinse it under hot running water. With a soft toothbrush, scrub the mesh screen and plastic frame to remove any grease or particles stuck in the crevices. Once it’s just like new, lock it back into place. If you’re not sure where your machine’s filter is located, check the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for details.

Monthly: Give it a deep clean.

Whether you opt to use a dishwasher cleaning tablet or take the DIY route with a grime-fighting white vinegar mixture, it’s important to get down and dirty to remove any trapped particles, mineral buildup, and detergent residue. For a homemade option, place a glass measuring cup filled with two cups of distilled white vinegar on the top rack and run a normal cycle without detergent or dishes. For a more thorough clean, use cleaning tablets like these picks from Cascade and Affresh because they contain surfactants that dissolve food bits and greasy residue. Just make sure you read the instructions before you use the cleaning tablets, since some can’t run in the same cycle as dishes and detergent.

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