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Wood Staining Projects You Can Actually Do in a Weekend


Whether you want to give your wood furniture a refresh or spruce up the backyard, there are plenty of creative uses for wood stain that you can actually complete in 48 hours.

Personalized Adirondack Chairs

Sure, there are plenty of finished Adirondack chairs on the market, but won’t lounging in one feel all that much better when you stain it yourself?

Crafted Coasters

You could turn any old scrap wood into display-worthy coasters with a coat of stain, but take it up a rustic notch and use a branch from a fallen tree. Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy uses a durable cedar, but you can make this DIY work with any 4-inch log.

Revamp Wooden Furniture

Whether you picked up a bench at a second-hand shop or you want to change the look of your outdoor dining chairs, the easiest way to revamp wooden furniture is to give it a fresh coat of stain. Darker shades add a level of sophistication, while lighter hues keep the look more natural.

One-of-a-Kind Wall Shelf

Think popsicle sticks are just for kids crafts? This stylish wall shelf proves otherwise. With a little bit of glue and your stain of choice, these utilitarian sticks become mid-century modern-inspired hexagon shelves. Make a few to create a honeycomb set.

Stained Baskets

Baskets are arguably the most versatile storage bin: fresh flowers, veggies — is there anything you can’t throw in a basket? To differentiate your bins, stain them; wicker takes stain just as well as wood. Deep browns hide dirt (perfect for the mud room) while a muted blue would look great on any front porch.

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